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Why Ag?

I have personally been asked in the past 2 months, “Why Ag?” at least 4 times.   Some will ask why did you want to be a part of the Agriculture Industry? Some will ask what does working so hard get you?  Some ask why you wouldn’t just try to work a basic 8-5 office job?

To all of these questions there is only one answer I can reply.   We do it because we are feeding America as well as many other countries, we love the land, the product we raise and this beautiful lifestyle we get to raise our families in.

They may say there is so much controversy within what you do and how you do it.  Your operation and your life is set up for being scrutinized by a majority of the people out there.

So Why Ag?

Without Farming and Ranching where would the food supply come from?  So many people are concerned with GMO’s, Roundup Ready Crops, “Responsibly Raised” beef and livestock and so many more “issues” that cause an uproar within both the Ag community and outside of the Ag community.

**Sidenote – If you want to read up on these items, check out the Tri-State Livestock news,  and the Beef Magazine they have some great coverage on these stories.**

So again, where would we be without our Farmers and Ranchers?  Well we would be looking at processed (and super processed) foods, man made creations of proteins, some type of crazy grains that were created in a scientific lab, and many other foods, fruits and vegetables that would need to be formulated through another means other than using the land that God gave us.

In order to continue to feed the growing population, the Agriculture world needs to have support from all of us. I know there are lots of different issues, but the fact is, that without the current science knowledge that we are using, there would not be enough corn, wheat, flowers, beans, fruits, vegetables, beef, lamb, pork, and all of the other crops and livestock that feed all of us.

Please take the time to read both sides of the Agricultural arguments going on, educate yourself on where your food comes from and teach your children where it comes from.   It is so important for the sustainability of our populations as well as the sustainability of our Farmers and Ranchers.

Here is our future – this is how our operation raises YOUR beef in Montana and back in South Dakota we Farm to help feed YOUR families!   This is our next generation of Farmers and Ranchers learning first hand what it takes to be a part of the Agricultural Industry.



We were moving yearlings from the valley up to the mountains and the kiddo’s wanted a better look, so glad I had my phone with me to capture this moment of learning with their dad. 

We are so blessed with the social media sites, blogs and an outlet to make your voice heard.  I am planning to feature other Women who are working in Agriculture and are making their voices heard.  This “Girls That Get It Done”  Feature will be coming soon so keep watching for them!