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Hi I’m Justine, The new “Mountain Mom”!  Might not be what you expected but here I am! Grew up rodeoing in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Moved to the East side for college, back to the North Central part on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation and now back to the Mountains!  I love to travel, play with my kids, love being outside and helping others!


Here is my Husband, William, AKA “The Rancher”.  He didn’t want a picture of just him so here he is helping Nora feed a new calf that lost its mom!  He is a third generation cattleman and was a huge part of helping our family to live out our dream of owning a ranch in Montana.  He is a handyman, a fixer, a rancher, and an awesome husband and father!

Here is “Princess or Skeeter” (depending on her mood :P).  She is a delightful little girl, who loves “Fancy” things (anything dress up is fancy in her world!).  She loves horses, dogs, and school!  Wants to grow up to be a singer AND a veterinarian.

And then there  “Wildman” age 4!  Everything he does is at 100 mph and I find myself thinking, wow, how will I keep up when he gets older.  He loves to be outside, it doesn’t matter if it is -10 or 100 degrees, he wants out there!

And the youngest and most bossy, “Twinkles” she made a very dramatic entrance into this world and was diagnosed with Treacher Collins Syndrome but is doing amazing.  We have adjusted her to the ranch and the ranch to life with Twinkles!


Last but certainly not least is Holly.  The best dog in the world (I know everyone thinks they have the best, but really we do :P!).  She is our go to dog for about anything, and she takes awesome care of the kids.  Her and Skeeter were born the same month!


5 Responses to Meet the Family

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Love the family pics… very funny about William’s pic but even sweeter what he is doing:)

  2. Mary Ann says:

    Love your descriptions and way of describing your family. Really like your website. Very interesting. Am going to Portland to Agchat conference to try and hone my skills communicating the positives of ag as we have a story to tell. Thanks for yours.

    • Thank you Mary Ann! We do have important stories to tell! That sounds like a great conference and I would love to learn more about it! Continue to follow our website and we can try to broaden the worlds views of Ag together!

  3. Johny says:

    Great pictures of your family and I love your descriptions!

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