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We regret to inform you all that we are currently not participating in camping opportunities as it is not fitting in with our lives and business model for the foreseeable future.

With that being said we do want you to know about some amazing other Camping Areas nearby and if you ever need Packaged Beef in the Billings/Bridger/Cody, Wy area please let us know.

Lonesome Spur Guest Ranch

Ten Sleep RV Camp – great horse camp

Sooner Hills Guest Ranch

Top Of The World Resort

Hello Fellow Montana Trail Riders, ATV and Snowmobile enthusiasts and Campers!  

The Montana Ranch Adventure is 2 miles South and 15 miles East of Bridger, (Address 1545 Pryor Mountain Rd, Bridger, MT) MT just a short few minutes from the Pryor Mountains!  Only one hour from Billings, the largest city in Montana, and 1 hour from Cody, Wy.  

Pryor Mountains from the Camping area

This is your top Montana Camping and vacationing spot!  Bring your horses and/or ATV’s in the summer and your snowmobiles in the winter.  You will not find a more relaxing area to spend vacationing, photographing, riding, fishing (get your permit!) and just enjoying life.  The Pryor Mountains are filled with lakes, streams, beautiful scenery and the most serene experience you have ever had. 

The Camp is in progress and by July 1 will be able to provide electric plugins for your camper/trailer, a tent camping area, pens/runs for your horses to rest peacefully.  You bring yourself, your horses, something to eat, and get ready to ride and relax in some of the most beautiful country you will ever see.


Horse Retreat– May 15-Sept 15

Currently we are offering Camping via Campers, Remote Camping (bring your own tent – BYOT).  July 1, 2022 there will be electricity available and water, along with corrals and water for your horse.


We are excited to share our beautiful mountains with you and have you explore and enjoy them too.  As far as cost goes, for a place like this it is hard to set a “per night” charge.  Take a peek at other camps and you can decide to make a donation of your choosing once you get here, the donation you provide will support the non-profit Tour Of Kindness  who’s mission it is to Empower Everyone through Kindness.


We do ask for reservations to be made as we do not want to overload the Ranch.  Our hope is for you to be able to relax and enjoy your visit without too much hustle and bustle.  Call us at 605-690-5215, or email at  if we do not answer be sure to leave a message and we will get back to you.


Snowmobile Retreat– November 15 – April 1 (depending on snow conditions)

Information Coming Soon




We live in such a beautiful area we can’t wait to share it with you all!

Contact Justine at 605-690-5215 or at to reserve your week today!  We look forward to seeing you.


5 thoughts on “Camping Opportunities”

  1. After coming out to Kougl Ranch 5 times in the last two years with horses, friends and living quarter trailers, I can’t say enough about the area, the riding, and the facilities. This is a true Montana ranch. The hosts are warm and hospitable, the riding is superb, and the campground, while not fancy, is very comfortable and accommodating. I haven’t found any place that is more enjoyable to be at and I will definietely be back many more times.

  2. And I look forward to bringing my living quarter trailer and horses and coming to ride this summer! Maybe I can help with some horse camp planning?!! Can Fonz come? (For those of you who don’t know me, Fonz is a dog…THe Rancher had a brother of his once.)

  3. Cool website, and awesome idea! Are you developing your own website, or do you have someone doing it? Maybe we’ll come up for a visit sometime…. the boys would LOVE it.

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