MR BEEF – Montana Ranch Beef is here to help you find the best cuts of quality ranch raised beef to provide you and your family healthy proteins while shopping locally!  MR BEEF is based in Montana and utilizes local small business processors that are USDA and/or State Certified producers.

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CATTLE INFO:  We sell high quality Montana raised, hormone and antibiotic free beef from happy, stress free cows living the good life in the beautiful foothills of the Pryor Mountains of Montana.  These cows are raised in wide open grasslands and supplemented with salt, mineral as needed to keep optimum health.  They can be finished on grass only or grain depending on demand.   Currently our cattle are grass-fed until their last few months where grain-finished for terrific marbling and flavor.  

Fresh Rib Steaks! YUMMY

Our 1/4 includes approximately 40 pounds burger, 30 pounds roasts, 20 pounds steaks (tenderloin, ribsteak, sirloin, flank steak, strip steak, t-bone), 5 pounds soup bones, 5 pounds ribs, 5 lbs stew meat, 3 pound liver.  

Customer Photo: Donn Lindstrom “Best Smoked Brisket Ever”

From the Plains to the Peaks!