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10 Things To Do When Your Plane Leaves Without You

This list was made after 4 days at an Ag Conference, away from our kids, our ranch and our lives.  All we wanted to do was be home.   After a long drawn out flight from Nashville, TN to Minneapolis, MT during Nashville’s  “worst” storm (mind you to us from the Montana region thought it was awfully silly to shut down a whole city because of some ice and slush), we ended up with over 12 hours of downtime in the airport.  But instead of dwelling on it, we did this! 

  1. IMG_0635Ask Questions: Who do I talk to about getting another flight? How long do we have?  Anything sooner?  What should we do?
  2. Get a Bite to eat: 12 hours of fun in the airport, find an eatery, eat SLOW.
  3. Grab a beverage:  heck grab two or three, what’s your favorite? Beer, Wine, Lemonade?
  4. Shop: Ah yes, walk that airport mall no matter how big or small, its all you have to do for TWELVE HOURS!                                                    IMG_0636
  5. Nap: Yes Yes Yes, most airports have a more comfortable place than the concourse seating, this goes back to #1: ASK QUESTIONS!IMG_0634
  6. Work:  I can’t think of an airport I have been in during the last 5 years that doesn’t have good wi-fi access.  Use this “useless” period of time to get caught up on work (unless you have kids with you….don’t try this).
  7. Kids: GOOD LUCK, if you are traveling with kids and your plane leaves without, pray, just pray you will be able to have enough patience to keep everyone alive until you get home.
  8. Read: Find a book, sit down and get let your mind get lost for a while!
  9. Network: You never, ever know who you will meet in an airport; an old friend, make a new friend, a business partner, it is much easier to pass the time visiting with another person and learning something new!
  10. Eat: some will say again??  Yes, just find a snack (or a meal depending on how long your layover is) and eat slow!

Before you know it, your 12 hours of misery has passed, and you will be boarding your new flight with hopefully no issues!