Monthly Archives: February 2014

The new “Normal”

The New “Normal”, if you will, is a work in progress.  I was left alone (yes, no kids or husband) up on the mountain yesterday and it has given me time to organize, regroup with myself, and eat a few Reese’s eggs without anyone else NEEDING one!  Wonderful.  So I wanted to update. We cannot thank everyone enough for the… (more…)

“Blon Away”

I was literally “Blown Away” by the Blon Away Salon in Sheridan, Wy.  The owner of this salon, Laurie Dygon emailed me via facebook (how did we ever get anything done before facebook?).  The Blon Away Salon does a Pay It Forward campaign once a month for someone who needs to be pampered, and after everything we have been through it was… (more…)