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“Blon Away”

I was literally “Blown Away” by the Blon Away Salon in Sheridan, Wy.  The owner of this salon, Laurie Dygon emailed me via facebook (how did we ever get anything done before facebook?).  The Blon Away Salon does a Pay It Forward campaign once a month for someone who needs to be pampered, and after everything we have been through it was like she read my mind that I needed some time away from my disaster and some good quality “Me” time.

blown away

Now before you peek at these pictures, please remember my house did burn down just a few days ago and I have little makeup, little hair product/tools to be working with.  With that being said, here is my very first “foil” as a gift from the Blon Away Salon in Sheridan, Wy.

IMG_20140225_110108  Classy Self pic (can you tell I’m new to “selfies”) hehe.

These girls are amazing, they truly give back to this community and I am so blessed to have been their client for February’s Pay It Forward.


They even sent me home with a gift bag of things I would need to keep up my new look.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  You have a customer for life now, it is a blessing to have businesses like this in a community.