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Billie’s Song

Although several years have past since my rodeo days this family will always touch hearts around the nation, especially in the rodeo world.  They have been through so much and stood together helping each other through.  I’m very proud to say that I had the opportunity to grow up in the world of rodeo with both Rehme Sutton and her brother Billy Sutton and that they are from our great home state of South Dakota.  These two siblings are the definition of South Dakota people:  They never give up on their dreams, work & play hard, and love unconditionally.

I would explain more about these two and their family but really all you need to do is listen to “Billie’s Song” and watch the video.

Rehme is working on touring her first album, so please check her out.

We wish both of them the best and know that they will always succeed in everything they do.  Let both of these talented individuals be an inspiration to us all.