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As a ranch/farm operation so many people from outside of Ag see us as “Rich.”  Especially with the expansion and risks that our operation has taken in the past year.  So the question, “Are you rich?” I would answer in this way…

As a rancher’s wife, I am incredibly rich.  I am rich in life, love, the ability to work outside, the ability to raise my children in a culture and lifestyle that makes me proud, as well as owning some of the land we use.  We may look “Rich” to the outsider looking into our family operation seeing the cattle, the number of vehicles, the land,  but most times, it is on payments, just as a person outside of Ag has payments on their house, cars, toys.


Now this brings me to the question that we think of as the traditional, “Rich.”  I would have to say if you were to see our checking/saving accounts right now, you would be like, oh no, definitely not “Rich.”  Possibly after selling, shipping, collecting any income you might think, wow, with a check like that, they can do anything.  The reality is that yes we could, but if we want to continue our operation, our Family legacy, then the bills must be paid first and foremost.  Normally after bills are paid, many farmers and ranchers such as ourselves, live within the median income levels.

We are incredibly blessed to do what we do within the Agriculture sector of the economy and live in this lifestyle.  I wrote this quick blog in order to send you all over to Corn Corps out of Illinois to read more in-depth about the financial pictures of farmers and ranchers.