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Memorial Day: Tanner O’Leary


It is Memorial Day, a day of remembrance for those fallen serving our country.  We were lucky enough to go and visit The Battle of The Little Bighorn over the weekend with my family and spend some time learning about that battle.  I am hoping that as the kids get older we will spend our Memorial Day weekend together learning about those who have served our country and visiting areas such as this.  Please remember that as much as this weekend has formed into a celebration of a 3 day weekend, it is not about camping, fishing, playing around.  It is about those who served and are gone now and especially those who died in the line of duty.

In our families The Rancher and I both have many people who have served and lost their lives serving.  We have many men and women who are still serving today and fighting for our freedom.  Every year we remember all of our family and friends who serve and have served over the years.   This year, and every year we remember our dear friend, cousin, and brother, Tanner O’Leary.  He lost his young life in early December 2007 fighting in Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne Division, leaving behind a huge family that loved him, and his little girl.


Today Tanner, we remember you and your brothers and sister’s in arms who have served, and are serving.  Thank you for your sacrifice, to your family as well as friends for their sacrifice and loss.  The Rancher still talks about your crazy tales, your fun way of life, and your sense of humor, you were a brother to the Kougl family, and it is still hard to believe you are gone.  God Bless you and those who are still serving as well as their families.  We wish for a safe return home for all those who are fighting for our country.

Do you have anyone specific that you are remembering today?  I would truly enjoy hearing the stories.