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Kitchen Awesomeness

Lets just say that designing the kitchen in the new house began as a total disaster.  After we have the floor plans decided (back in April!), after we had the walls up, after we had the roof nearly completely, I decided that I really strongly disliked my kitchen area.  It wasn’t enough, it was just a little area, not enough counter/cupboard space, no pantry, ugh!  Whats a women to do!?  There just wasn’t enough time to do the proper planning in our situation after the fire, not enough budget with the, not enough this and that….excuses…excuses.  So after a minor (totally girly) breakdown – – note – – please don’t ask the Rancher about this, he will tell you is wasn’t “minor” – –   I made a few decisions:

1. Stop Freaking Out. – – This is our space.

2.  Get Creative.

3.  Find someone to help. – Now I will say that as much as I have a hard time with a few of the “big box” construction stores, Susan at Home Depot in Sheridan, Wy is AMAZING!

So after pulling it together, leaning on Susan a whole bunch and her counterpart from Thomasville Cabinets, Cynthia, I have a kitchen that is amazing and under budget!  Whoo hoo! !

Here are the computerized images! kougl 1 kougl 2 kougl 3 kougl fplan