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Building Update!

I know….most of you thought that maybe we all fell off the face of the earth!  I’m here to tell you we didn’t!  We have been swamped!  The past month has been full of fun!  Most of which I will tell you about in the next post, but for right now, here is the excitement!

With A LOT of hard work, and a few extra hands here and there, The Rancher and I have officially gotten the house up and nearly completed…..on the outside.  Do you think we are superheros?!  Of course we haven’t gotten the inside done!  I’ll get some pics of that later!  But alas no more waiting for pictures (and I do appreciated you all being so patient).  Here they are!

Fire Collage

We have done EVERYTHING so far ourselves with the help of a few amazing friends and family.  Thank You to all!  It is coming along!

PicMonkey Collage

House Plans!

For all of those who have asked and I have told many times, oh yes I will get those house plans up on the website!  I finally did!  We have been so swamped here on the Ranch that I have fallen behind on my posting and keeping you all updated!  I will try to be better!   So ignore that island in the kitchen as I am changing my mind on the kitchen setup altogether.  It will be in that same spot but organized quite differently to fit in what I am looking for!

Also – there is second floor that is about 800 sq ft of usable space, but I don’t have that laid out just yet!   I have to save some of this work for another day right?!