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It’s the Olympics!

I wish I could say I was able to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, however, it has been too crazy at the Ranch to worry about TV much.  This cold has kept us hopping and HOT.  Yes HOT, our wood/coal stove has been keeping the living room/kitchen at about 90 degrees, however, the back of the house (our bedroom – the kids are in between) has been running at about 62-65 degrees.  Thank goodness we ran over to the bunkhouse and got the beautiful Montana Wool Blanket we received for a gift to stay warm.

Ah I digress…back to the Olympics!

I’m so excited.  Tonight is snowboarding and some more skiing but what I am really waiting for is the ski jumping!  This is happening on Saturday Night and I absolutely think it is magical how these athletes are able to fly through the air while skiing.

After living in Montana in the hub of the skiing mecca — well, that’s how we think of it 😉 —  The Rancher and I have decided that we will need to hone our skiing skills.  Between the two of us I think we have been to the slopes a total of a dozen times in our lives.  Surprisingly for myself because I grew up 30 minutes from Deadwood, SD home of two of the largest ski slopes in South Dakota.

Have you ever seen the young kids skiing? Like 2 and 3 year olds?  I think we will try and find some skis for the kids and get them started on the Slopes of our place before we head up to Red Lodge, or Big Sky.  Who knows, I might have the next Olympian on my hands!  Maybe a curling champion and a speed skater?!

What’s your favorite Winter Olympics Event?!

Too Damn Fast!
Too Damn Fast!

Montana…The Family Way!

Sorry for being off-line for the last few days!  The Montana Ranch Adventure hosted its first large group this past weekend – The Family Way!!  Nearly all of William’s immediate family was in attendance!  6 kids, 7 adults and a whole lot of food.  I like the motto Live, Love, Laugh….However, I think Eat, Live, Love, Laugh might be more appropriate.  At one point we had 4 adults and 3 kids in the kitchen (if you remember, my kitchen is about as big as a hallway), but we managed to get 3 meals out plus snacks each day!



We also started patching Nora.  She has a condition called Amblyopia.  YIKES right?  No, it’s just the formal name for a Lazy Eye.   Her cousin Rance also patches for a different reason, but it just so happened her patches came in during their visit here, making it much easier to get her to wear her patch.  This morning she asked me if she COULD wear one.  Victory for this Mama!


Everyone got to snowmobile, sled, build snowman, we went on walks, had long talks, made googly eyes at the babies, and played dominos in the evening.  We did take time to watch the Bronco’s win.

So much fun was had, can’t wait for them all to come back!



Even Grandpa went sledding! 

Here’s to introducing Montana…The Family Way!

More pictures at our Facebook Site!


Tell us about the fun you have with your family when you all get together!