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Fencing – Getting Ready

Well the last month has been consumed with Fencing to get ready for the cattle coming in tomorrow already!  There was quite a bit to fix and quite a bit left that we would like to replace as time moves forward.  The Rancher got to see his first bear (running away from him THANK GOSH, along with lots of other critters around).  The latest find was the Rock Chuck!  I’ll work on getting a picture of these little guys.   Grandpa took the kids for a few hours one morning so The Rancher and I could go exploring – of which I thought would be getting to see the place because I often end up staying around the house playing with kids instead of riding.  I thought Wrong as you might imagine.  There is no downtown on a ranch like this, you might get to see parts of it, but there is always work to be done, so we headed out another trail to check the second pasture for the yearlings.  I will leave you with these pictures and a few comments about them!


Yep….this was our first stop, Beautiful even in the rain!


And here I said to the Rancher, We have to go all the way up that next hill?  I’m so outta shape!

DSC08323 DSC08324

Gate Fixing 101.  I got schooled.  We found a log to use (as we didn’t have any wooden posts and were a LONG ways from the homeplace.  So we (and I mean the Rancher) cut it down to size, cleaned off the bark and VIOLA, a wood post to use for now.  That gate is now useable again!

DSC08340 DSC08337

A downed tree took out this fence here.  I ended up moving a chunk of posts up the hillside so the fence didn’t slide down while the Rancher cut out the tree.


Find the fence….Can you?!


DSC08333 DSC08330


And we had a of trees to clean out of the trails to get to the fences, and some really big ones at that!


Notice the smirk on the Rancher’s face…we were hand-sawing through this one, got the idea to jump on it to crack it.  So with the jump the saw went flying in one direction and he tumbled around the tree, but got up with a smile!  I wish I would have had the video rolling.  I laughed about this the rest of the day!

All in all, we are ready for cattle coming in tomorrow….as long as it doesn’t rain!  Good Night!