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Moving West: Smooth Sailing…Right?

Moving West: Smooth sailing…right?  Or something like that!  The day after the woodstove was working….The Cook Stove was in working order.  I was never so excited!  From here on out, it should be easy peasy!

However, three days after this thought occurred– The pipes in the bunkhouse froze…After much work we thought we had we had that issue licked, then the temps went even lower (still in that dang cold snap), and they broke.  By this time I’m thinking what have we gotten into here, and that everyone from this area was telling big fibs about the nice temperatures that were supposed to be!  Turns out, they didn’t lie, this was the coldest, longest snap that has happened in this area in over 40 years.


About 5 days after that (when it warmed up finally) – the roof began leaking in Skeeter Bugs room.  Carpet got a little damp but stunk so bad we had to just take it out (it was one of the ones we hadn’t gotten changed out yet!).  Yuck!  We were stuck inside for much of this 10 day frozen period on the mountain, however, we stayed completely entertained!


Is there a more beautiful picture than this?  The Princess and Wildman watching their horses out the front window, mountains in the background…Beautiful!

Now – 6 weeks into this move we are finally feeling a little freedom from fixing the house ALL the time.  Now it is just part of the time!


We get to enjoy the view, yes it looks like this all over our place – So Lucky!


So we can go sledding.


Build Snowman.


Learn to snowmobile.


Feed the Horses!

Explore Everything!  So many things we never were able to do with both kids and as a family….ahh, but that will have to be visited about another day!

Enjoy your Adventures!  You never know what the day might bring!