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Broke Down

Well there are many things that might come to mind with the Title of this post being “Broke Down.”   However, it wasn’t me and my super pregnant self having a break down (Yippee – the rancher is doing a happy dance right now after the phone call).

So, on this amazingly beautiful October 25, I went out to help The Rancher work with a beautiful black horse to settle his fears of the bull whip and also the Side by Side.


The Rancher was on the horse (because I am about 9 months prego – as much as I told him I would LOVE to go ride – just not quite the right timing), and I was on the side by side.   So after about 30 minutes of playing around with the horse, I turned off the machine and was enjoying nature at its finest.  I went back, turned the key, and nothing….nothing at all. Now we are about 1.5 miles from home (still in the meadows thank gosh!), and the horse and rider are no where in sight.  Thank gosh for cell service!  So, after calling the rancher, we determine the battery is dead on the machine for whatever reason!  IMG_2150

Well, instead of me walking, the amazing gentleman I married helped hoist my super prego self up on the trusty stead and we began our walk back to the ranch to get the other machine!  IMG_2149

So on this amazing day, my husband walked back to the ranch, I got to ride a beautiful horse, and it was pure bliss!   Now – I’m ready for this baby to come!


And of course we got both machines back to the ranch!

Enjoy the Fall everyone!  We are so blessed!