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Alaska to Montana to where?!


I absolutely love having friends from our past come to visit!  We were so lucky to have a family from my high school days travel through and stay a night with us out of the blue.  It really worked out perfectly, and thank gosh for Facebook keeping us in the loop with what our friends and family are doing.  They had been in the car/boat/hotels for nearly a month in their trek across country….with TWO little boys! Brad and Lindsey Steinbach were driving through on their move (Brad is in the Coast Guard) from Alaska to Montana clear over to North Carolina, making stops along the way of course, and we got to be one of the stops!  I think the kids were even more excited than their parents to have some space to run and people to play with.




When Lindsey and Brad were explaining that they were going to go to stay at a ranch, their oldest, Tavin (4) asked, “Ranch? Why are we going to stay in a Dip?”  Tavin and Corbin have been raised in Kodiak, Alaska.  Talk about cool!  They got to experience things most of us will never have the opportunity too, and here they were ecstatic about seeing “Mr. Cows” and riding the 4-wheeler with my kid’s Grandpa Albert…I think Brad might have had some 4-wheeling fun too!



First time seeing a cow in real life….much less a bunch of them!  So much fun to watch these two explore the ranch with our little people!



During their one night stay here, they actually got in on cattle trucks coming into the place,  and the kids thought that was pretty awesome, we drove them up to the Tipi pasture, through the cows, horses, picked wildflowers, and of course a lot of playing for the kids, and 12 years worth of catching up for the adults.  What a blast!  Can’t wait to see you all again, whether in Montana and North Carolina, we will have to make it happen.  There are more pictures on our Facebook page!

Travel safe friends!