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Let the Gathering Begin!



And so it has begun!  We can hardly believe Fall is already upon us!  Gathering up the yearlings is the name of the game for September/October.  Here on the ranch there is riding going on everyday.  Normally it is with our neighbors, family, friends or we are over at one of the neighbors lending a hand.

You see, that is such a beautiful thing about ranching and living in the Agriculture world.  When it comes to big jobs – working cattle, shipping, gathering, branding and more – you can always count on your neighbors to lend a hand, and they can count on you to help at their events as well.  It is really a swapping of labor that makes ranching so unique and you realize what a great set of people you have surrounded yourself with.

Happy Fall Work to All of You!

Happy Haying




Dad and Grandpa’s Little helpers stacking some square bales today!  Although I’m at home (working – minus this quick post for you all!),  The Rancher sent these couple pics via his old school phone!  Not too shabby for a flip phone!


These two cuties are just getting too big for their own good!   Another year or so and they will be doing this on their own *Wink*Wink*  Well, maybe a FEW more years! 0903150914

How are you spending your Thursday??