Life Continues

After any traumatic experience it takes time to put things back together.  Life Continues.  The experience makes you weak but yet stronger, it makes you sad but yet happy, it makes you cringe but yet smile.  It is indescribable because there is so much you long for but all that really matters in our situation is we are all safe and healthy.  I still find myself saying at the store, oh I don’t need that, I have one at home.  Only I don’t in most cases! Its something I can laugh about now that we are officially 1 month from the fire.  It seems like it happened yesterday but it is a month, and I’m so thankful we are past that first week.

I cannot say enough about the wonderful people who are out there that are supporting and praying for us to get through this.  Here is a glimpse of that first week in pictures.


Celebrated Valentine’s and my Birthday (3 days post fire) at my parents house.  Fun Holiday’s don’t stop just because of this. Life Continues.

DSC07944 DSC07947

Spent quality time with Maci Jo – my Niece! Life Continues.


Traveled back to the ranch in style….packed to the brim with amazing goodies gathered and bought while in ND/SD.  Life must continue.


It was a toss up to who was more excited when we got home, us or The Rancher!  Life Continues.

DSC07963  DSC07968

Cody had to get his first hair cut…Before and After Shots.  Life Continues.


We are still having wrestling matches but have to be a little more careful as the bunkhouse floor is hard as a rock! Life Continuing – with minor adjustments!



The amazing response to help our needs of clothing, household items, food.  The communities we are a part of have been truly a gift from God.  We wouldn’t be where we are right now without them.  Thank you, those two words don’t seem like enough but its what I have for you right now, so THANK YOU and GOD BLESS.


And just to remind you….it really is still beautiful here, house or no house, we are all together and at home in the bunkhouse for the next several months until we can get a permanent home together.


Have you ever had to live in a very small area with your family?  What was the best and worst part for you?!


3 thoughts on “Life Continues”

  1. Well Justine I haven’t had to live with my whole family in a small area but I had to live with Jake in the old office/bachelor pad/party place for a few months..does that count?? haha! Glad to see you are doing well and hope the building plans are coming along well for you! Great seeing you last week!

  2. Best: being together as a family after spending 1/2 a year scattered and seperated. Worst: being on top of each other, with no space to have just a little alone time. Heaven knows we all need just a little space to be alone with our thoughts every now and then. But being together as a family is one of the best things in the whole world. We’re still figuring out our new home, the phisical space and the surrounding area, and finding new ways to have some of that alone time so we can all be happy when we’re together in our small townhouse, even 6 months after our move. Like you said the most important things are being together and everyone is healthy, happiness and the rest will follow! God has blessed you and your family and will continue to do so, and one day you’ll look back at this time and understand exactly why He led you to and through this season of your life.

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