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Hello!  Let’s start with introductions, Here we are, Justine (me, the Mountain Mom – probably not what you might expect with that title!), William (The Rancher), Nora (Princess) and Cody (Wildman).  We are a ranch family from the plains of South Dakota who are in the midst of moving West to the Peaks of Montana!


From the Plains to the Peaks 

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It has been a long year of successes and challenges to make this dream come true.  We are diversifying our current ranch operation into both South Dakota and Montana.  Check out the pictures from both places, it is like yin and yang.  Completely opposite but working together to make the big picture.

DSC05567  DSC07293

The South Dakota Ranch – Fall 2013      The Wolf Mountain Ranch in Montana 2013

DSC05605        DSC07281

                                                             Quite the contrast isn’t it?!

This website is a story, the tales from what is like to move your family away from your support system and the home that you have known.  The Rancher (my husband) is the third generation on the family ranch, and here we are stretching our boundaries into a completely different state!  So many feelings, excited, scary, happy.  Asking ourselves questions like: Are we nuts?  Who does this? Where will our little children go to school in a couple years? How will we meet people? How do I go from working full time to working from home all day, every day!  What a risk we are taking, but if we didn’t take it we would always ask the question what if….

We are actually three weeks into the move so the next few posts will be catch everyone up to date, as my dream of having this page up and running before the move and during did not take place due to lack of internet connection during that time!

So here we go!  Do you want to come with us? Check out the pictures and give it a chance, we did!  Follow this page and the tales will tell it all, nothing to hide, the comical, the good, the bad, the ugly….The Truth about Ranching, Moving, Children, Parenting, Working from home, Working side by side as a family, not to mention tips and tricks to everything, learning new things, and just day to day living.

Some more pictures for your enjoyment!

DSC07270   DSC07319.jpg             

The view out our front window.  We are so happy to be living in this amazing area! 

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7 thoughts on “Lets Get Started!”

  1. Love all the post!! Great adventures in Montana! Kiss/hug my grandkids! Merry Christmas to all of you! Miss ya!

  2. Roger just sent this link to me. This is a wonderful idea and thank you for sharing your story. We all miss you very much and this is a great way to keep up to date with your family. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Love you guys.

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