GO BRONCOS!  I had a big idea of posting today about our interesting lunch yesterday (we will leave that fun for another day) but SUPERBOWL has taken over my house!

Cooking, snacking, and getting dressed up in our BRONCO’s Gear is the name of the game today.

Enjoy my little Bronco’s!

Broncos Football Nora

Kisses for Peyton Manning!

Bronocs Cody

I’m the Next Demaryius Thomas!

Bronocs Nora

Best Running Back I have in my House!  Knowshon Moreno might have a thing to learn from this munchkin!  She does pretty good keeping that ball from Demaryius up there.


Someone is done having fun, Even the big boys of football have to take a nap before the game Wildman!

I’m saying the Denver Boys are gonna take this by 10!

Who are you Cheering for this beautiful Sunday?!



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