Friday Fun

Today we woke up to this….


By the afternoon we were doing this…



And yes, poor Wildman got into the markers with some help of his big Sis…But overall, the mud, markers and mess made for an awesome afternoon outside!

The joys of living on the Mountain!  I have to apologize about being so sporadic with keeping the blog up to date.  However, from today forward I am going to be better, they might be short updates but I promise I will make them!  You have all been so wonderful following our ranching story, I really need to get back on track with this!  It will be about 60 days and we will be getting cattle on the mountain as long as the weather cooperates, and hopefully in that same timeframe we will be breaking ground for a new home.  We have been going through floor plans and I haven’t found anything that I have fallen in love with – – so – – I’m going to draw our own!  Once I get it figured out on the computer that is!  When I do I will be sharing that with all of you!

So starting now, I am asking for tips and tricks about home building!  Share yours here!

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