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First Rides

Not only do the 2 and 3 year olds get first rides on our ranch, but the 2-3 month olds do too!   This little guy is such a good sport!   William was putting some rides on the younger horses so the kids wanted to make sure Arnie wasn’t “left out.”


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Lots of oats and rubs for Arnie after his tough day 🙂   Check out our FB Page for a video of the kiddos riding!

Best Buds










This was a priceless picture of these horses.   The two laying down together (dun is Joe, the bay is Jack) are brothers and are becoming such amazing horses.   The Bay standing is Bones and loves hanging out with these two.

We had some big rides the day before, I came out in the morning to have some coffee and enjoy the scenes and got to see these guys resting before the day began.


It was as if the two brothers said to Bones, come and join us friend,  we have lots of work today when our people get ready!


Jack and Joe are so fun to watch, we are lucky to have such great horses to teach and have them teach us.   Those two are only 4 and Bones is 6 and have been with us for 2 years now!   LUCKY!!