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Moving West: The Big Push!

http://pratergroup.co.uk/news/page/2/ This day/week was crazy.  The final steps to moving an entire ranch (plus all the kids stuff!) nearly 400 miles away from home.  My parents were working and waiting anxiously for a new grandbaby (My sister, Krystle was expecting) to be born (due in just a few days), so they were unable to help.  The Rancher’s parents were vacationing in San Francisco, Marie (Rancher’s sister) and her family just had a brand new baby, Wow!  The rest of the family was unavailable with work and busy lives too.   Could we have picked a busier week to try and move west!?

buy stromectol uk So here we go, packing the last of our belongings like Crazy!  Marie is a saint and watched my two little ones along with her own 4 kids.  Thanks Natalie, Allison, and Rance (the oldest kids – as the saying goes – the big ones will watch the little ones right?) for helping out too!   I got a call at about 1 pm on our last day in Timber Lake, SD.  Nora has a fever, won’t eat, and is miserable.  Now, a little back story, Cody was diagnosed with Strep and a double ear infection less than 4 days ago.  So, after several calls to the local doctors we couldn’t get an appointment anywhere.  Off to the Eagle Butte Hospital ER.  They did a great job getting us into and out of the ER (took longer to drive the 80 mile roundtrip than the appointment).  Strep throat run to ER because can’t get to clinic.  Nora and I got back to Timber Lake about 30 minutes before our going away party at Sparky’s in Isabel.  Meaning – after an early morning of packing and deep cleaning, a run to the ER and back I had no time to shower or get ready for our party.  Well A swap of clothes, a little mascara and some hairspray and we were off to our supper!


The Awesome Cake that was created by Robbi Miller from Isabel, SD – check it out, it looks like Mountains!  

Going Away Party 1

Some of my best friends we will be leaving behind.  Notice how sick Nora is, poor thing, we didn’t stay at our own going away party long. 

Going Away party

The Biegler Families- minus a few.  Sure are going to miss you guys!  Good thing you all love to ski and travel 😀  and that we will be back in Timber Lake periodically!

Two hours later we began moving West for MT!  Oh Yes, crazy we are, but the kids slept that first leg of the trip and made our lives a little easier.  Poor sick kiddos during a huge change in their lives.  We stayed the night at a friend’s house halfway through the trip and got up the next morning to get to our new Home!


I’m not sure who is more thrilled here:  Nora, Holly (the dog) or Cody?  What a trip of a lifetime!

Stay Tuned for the fun experiences of our first week in MT!

Kids are sweet…When they are sleeping!

Well, here is my first parenting post.  I’m nearly positive I had my first weaned off the bottle by one year, and here I am with Wildman, nearly 14 months and trying to force myself to make the change.  He is not in favor of this change!  Please tell me there are some other Mom’s in my situation?  I decided that tonight was the night, no more bottle for us, it is time!  We have been swapping bottles for sippy cups for two weeks now and I know I just need to do this.  Look at how sweet these two are….when they are sleeping that is!  (please excuse the pictures off my phone, still learning how to use it!)

DSC07519 DSC07518

Sleeping kids!  Wonderful!

Here are two predicaments I found him in over the past two days, Boys crawl in/on/under EVERYTHING!  No one tells you that when you have one. Mind you Skeeter Bug is not innocent by any means.  She is actually a major instigator in the Wildman’s menacing skills…

IMG_20131224_112725   IMG_20131231_173750

Now that is hanging out on the second story!  And Wildman managed to crawl up on the table, play in a puddle of water he created with that cup and find his sisters toothbrush, it was only 3 days ago he figured out crawling up the kitchen chairs.

Skeeter Bug transitioned so well with every change (or maybe it seemed so because she was our first and we had nothing to compare to).  Look at her, I think she is giggling at me with every struggle with the Wildman.  However, she gets into her fair share of trouble…like, getting into the Vicks Vapor Rub (great for all sorts of things).  The Rancher puts it on his lips at night, but never quit like this…

IMG_20131221_144755   IMG_20131225_191643

Need Vick’s?  This little girl did, along with her little brother, and two dolls. Oh Boy!

However, this afternoon I got to take my a nap with the Wildman, it has been since maternity leave (nearly 12 months ago) that he has napped with me, so I took complete advantage of this opportunity.  Aren’t they sweet when they are sleeping?



What are some of your biggest challenges in parenting??