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And off we go….The ranch family hits the City!

Ok, well not the “whole” family, but The Rancher and I got a weekend off the new place.  First day/time/dining out/trip without the kids since the move.  For many people this is totally normal, traveling with their kids everywhere.  However, we were spoiled and we will fully admit it.  With myself transitioning from always working outside the home, to having… (more…)

Merry Christmas From the Adventure to You!

Our Christmas Through Pictures!  Enjoy! Good Morning Mountain, Merry Christmas!   Getting Scotch Caps from Santa! Poor Holly Dog!   Facetime with Family – Thank gosh for technology Who doesn’t need a tractor!   Oh boy….Doc McStuffins is in the house! First full holiday meal I prepared by myself! Two tired Kiddos   An afternoon of winter fun! From our family… (more…)