The Week Begins!

So The Week Begins! Sorry I haven’t been on the site this last few days!  Here is the project that we had to travel 400 miles back to SD to complete.  I hope the new owners will appreciate her.  We both had a hard time leaving the house, if only it was in the mountains of Montana!  I’ll update more tomorrow!


What a beauty, so many months of hard work went into this place.  If I could have picked it up and moved it I would have.

House pictures (10)

My awesome kitchen, slightly larger than my current galley style right now.  Ahh, but again, we DO NOT buy a Ranch for the house!

House pictures (11)

My old (new) Dining room.  Look at that hardwood!  WOW!

Until Tomorrow!  Enjoy this beautiful day!  I know we will!

If you have moved, what was the part of your old house that you wished was in your new house??

2 thoughts on “The Week Begins!”

  1. My basement!! I am so excited for you though to live in Montana and be building your own Ranch!! You have a beautiful family…

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