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2015 Wheat Harvest

As a family we spent a few days back helping with harvest back at our South Dakota ranch.  It was a beautiful (but HOTT) few days.   The kids were so excited about seeing the combines in action and had tons of questions about farming (of which, I did my best to answer but let us be honest, I am completely stumped by a lot of the farming equipment).   IMG_1804

We also helped to tear apart the corrals that were on the South Dakota place to take back to Montana for everyday use.   The Princess remembered feeding cattle and taking care of the babies in those barns, not too bad for only being 4 and spending just 2.5 years on that ranch.   Wildman was just excited to be in the mix of everything.   It was bittersweet, as this was the last major task of moving things from SD to MT.   The cowboy and his father built a huge majority of those corrals over several decades, and within 3 days they were tore down, stacked on the trailers and heading back to MT to be reassembled for further Kougl Ranch use.


Wishing you all a Safe and Happy Harvest!