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Arnie’s Second Month with us!


Ciudad Valles  



In case you missed the first post introducing our newest baby…..Here is Arnie!  Arnie came to us from a neighbor who asked if we would take him in as an orphaned and of course I did!  (Yes – my husband is calling me ‘Ellie Mae’ these days!).   But how could I resist this little horse colt who was only 4 weeks old when he got to the ranch

Kids helping Arnie eat!


Teaching Arnie how to lay down – and Relax 😛
Loving on him!

Probably my favorite picture, and soon thereafter I gave a big lecture about laying by Arnie’s feet…..What a way to grow up!

Arnie’s first time in the Halter – He pouted….BIG TIME!

Newest Rides!

The Newest Members of the Ranch!

After a long day at the Billings Livestock Horse Sale…and a lot of fun and great food at the cafe there! 11099289_470263023130021_3455316217441117568_n

We got to bring home Sunshine and Blondie to The Ranch!  They are adjusting well and we are loving learning all about these two!


Sunshine – our newest 9 year old!
This amazing 4 year old has had 20 rides but rides out like she has been under the saddle for years. – Blondie!