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Meet & Greet: Macy Sarbacker


We are welcoming Sarbacker Cattle Company and Macy Sarbacker today!  Sarbacker Cattle Company is a family owned Holstein operation located in Belleville, Wisconsin, just South of Madison.  They are in a major transition currently.  Over the past three years they have sold off their Dairy Milking Herd and are currently raising Holstein Heifers with the intent for them to be show heifers.

At a mere 21 years of age this gal has graduated from Iowa State with a degree in Ag Journalism and Mass Communications.  Macy has helped transition Sarbacker Cattle Company in the past 3 years and has goals to continue to expand the new operation and possibly starting up a custom heifer raising operation.  If you are looking for that perfect show heifer, be sure to check her out!

Macy Sarbacker

Aside from her work on the farm, Macy is doing great things for Agriculture outside of their family operation, she is the Dairy Editor at Agri-View which is Wisconsin’s leading Ag Newspaper.   The Montana Ranch Adventure has had the opportunity to be a feature in Agri-View thanks to Macy!

When asked the question of Why Blogging and Why Ag? Macy answered, “It’s important for me to be involved in my dairy operation because I believe in the future of agriculture. I grew up immersed in agriculture and sincerely wish that everyone had the opportunity to do so. I also think it is important for me to be involved in my family’s dairy operation because it provides me with the opportunity to educate others. The average person today is so far removed from farms, that they don’t have any idea what goes on in the agriculture world. Being involved in my family’s dairy operation allows me to live out my passion and explain my passion to the general public.”  Macy believes that it is so important to continue to increase transparency in the Ag Industry and states that, “There’s no reason to lie or keep secrets.  If we’re open and honest with the public, we gain trust and respect.”  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

   I want to know your dirty little secret…..ok you don’t have to give that up, but tell me something unique about you, your operation, your family, anything goes! 

“Last winter my family lost our entire barn, office and calf barn to a barn fire. As if it wasn’t tough enough to sell our milking herd, losing our third generation farm was a tough blow. We now have a newly built show heifer barn and office! Through our tough times we learned the importance of the agriculture community. Farmers, friends and neighbors from close and far pitched in to get calves out of the barn, to save paperwork from the office and to bring us home-cooked meals for weeks after the fire. As difficult as it is to experience loss and change, we so quickly learned how grateful we are for the support of the agriculture community.”

– – To Macy and the entire Sarbacker family, we are sending our prayers and lots of love, we know how devastating fires are to Agriculture Family Business.  We are wishing you the smoothest and best recovery and know you have so much support backing you!  Thank you so much Macy for sharing your story with us, and being a part of “Women Who Get Things Done in Ag” feature!   To check out more on The Sarbacker Operation, and Macy follow her on Facebook, at her Blog, and also, check out Agri-View!

Meet & Greet: Messing Dairy


Here is Ashley Kennedy and Messing Dairy of Bad Axe, Michigan.

Ashley Messing

Ashley and her husband work together managing a large dairy farm that is home to 250 cows and 4 Lely A4 milking robots.  They are a birth to finish steer operation and raise most of their own feed and cash crop dry beans, corn and wheat!  Talk about staying busy!  Not to mention they are in the middle of a 100 year old farmhouse remodel (To see  pictures click here!)

Currently their family operation is working on transitions generations as many other operations in the agriculture industry.  Ashley says, “my parents have worked hard for many years and deserve a break.”  It is their goal to take over the daily operations on the family dairy farm and give her parents the chance to “retire” from that portion of the farm.

When asked the question of Why Ag? And Why Blogging? Ashley answered, “I did several internships and two jobs before I came home to the farm. I learned a lot and I enjoyed working for those companies, but I never felt truly fulfilled. I always felt like something was missing and the farm has filled in that hole.  I would like to work hard to bring more young people back to the farm! We have a lot of people to feed in the world and farms raise some of the best kids around.”  We couldn’t agree more with this!

I want to know your dirty little secret…..ok you don’t have to give that up, but tell me something unique about you, your operation, your family, anything goes! 

“Hm, my dirty little secret?! I read constantly on my phone. If I could only pick one app to keep on my phone for the rest of my life it would easily be my Kindle app.” What a great secret and a great way to keep up to date with all of the happenings in the Ag world!

Thank you so much Ashley and Messing Dairy for being a part of “The Women Who Get Things Done in Ag” Feature!  Keep on educating the world on the Agricultural industry and our daily lives!  We look forward to seeing more of you on your Website and Facebook Page!

Ashley Messing1