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Its 2015!

Resolutions, Resolutions, Resolutions!  I don’t even want to hear about it,  lets be true to ourselves this year and not make these so-called “resolutions” that we pretend we will do our best to uphold and last about 2 weeks to maybe 2 months but rarely do we make it a full year with the normal resolutions – save money, lose weight, eat better, be healthier. . . . . . . . .

So For this year, Here are things that I will work everyday toward and how I will be making them part of my everyday life.

1.  Live Happier – Smile more, remember the small things,  laugh at that spilled milk,  it is NOT the end of the world.

DSC08560  IMG_4632

2.  Cherish those that I love – EVERY DAY, not just on a birthday, valentine’s day or special occasion.  I will show my love to my family and friends and not just say it.

IMG_4004 IMG_4094 (2)

3.  Money – well we all need it, some have none, some have a lot, but I will give what I can in 2015.  I am standing by the rule pay your bills, save a little, give a little.   This past year has taught our family so much including giving from the heart.   (oh and I swear this year I’m setting up a Savings Pickle jar – – – NOT with the sheet of paper where you save $1 for week 1…$2 for week 2…etc.  – – – ours will be a simple $20 each week that goes into the jar, I would love to put it right into the bank but I think the kids need to see a visual at their age),  1/2 will be used for the kid’s savings accounts and the other will be used to teach my children the importance of giving.

And thats is folks.   Live simply, Love Endlessly, Give from Your Heart.

HAPPY 2015!


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Not everyone is so special to spend the holidays gathering a Christmas Tree on their own land less than 1 mile from their home!

IMG_4631   IMG_4632

(The Tree Picking Team)


(Found THE ONE!)

We were so excited to get the tree up and decorated.  This year has been a very special year in many many ways, there will be lots of memories after living in the bunkhouse, Christmas is no exception!  Since space is so limited in the house we made the decision to set up the our Tree outside on the deck.  So after putting the lights, garland and beads on we thought we were finished.  However, in about two hours the this is how we found the tree!


So we made the best of the situation and used that chair as a great picture area!


angry face Santa Pic

cody  norakids

Tell us a fun Christmas Mishap from your memory bank!!!