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Happy Haying




Dad and Grandpa’s Little helpers stacking some square bales today!  Although I’m at home (working – minus this quick post for you all!),  The Rancher sent these couple pics via his old school phone!  Not too shabby for a flip phone!


These two cuties are just getting too big for their own good!   Another year or so and they will be doing this on their own *Wink*Wink*  Well, maybe a FEW more years! 0903150914

How are you spending your Thursday??

A Little Branding

For a family who hasn’t branded cattle on their own ranch in nearly 2 years this was a welcome sight!   Some of our good friends needed a few head branded and summered so we said bring them on up!

Here are some highlights from that fun day!


Getting Ready for the Day


We are ready!  Irons are hot boys!


First Calf Down


Father and Sons crew branding



Hey guys!  What are we doing?!


Working the mama’s!  My kids loved this!



Pushing them out to pasture!

Have an amazing Calving and Branding Season!