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New Year!

Late as usual!
Late as usual!


Hello and Happy New Year!!

We wanted to share our Christmas card/New Years/Valentine’s Day card!  With the move, kids, job(s), ranch and visitors I am late getting this out!  A Majority have  went out in the mail a few days ago and the rest will hopefully be out by the end of the week!  Normally I try and do a short letter giving details of all the things going on in our lives for the past year, but this year with beginning this website, I thought it would be easier to include the site!

Tomorrow the Wildman and Princess head to Sheridan for their first-one day a week in Daycare,  Princess told me today that she was ready to go.  I think maybe that she is getting bored with her Mountain Mom and The Rancher.  Hopefully everything goes smoothly and the kids have a good day getting to know new kids.  What will I be doing?  Working of course, and wondering all day  how the kids are doing in their new environment!

However, I will let a little secret slip out for you to ponder…my lunch date has to do with an artist!!  And for those that may not know…I am NOT an artist of any shape or form.  This will be interesting!  I’ll keep hints going for this new project for the upcoming year! Hopefully it will be complete by the fall!  **If you already know the new adventure, shhhsh, don’t spoil the fun for everyone else!

When did you get your Christmas Card out?  Or did You ;)!?