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How Many Kids?

I’m going to be sharing another great blogger’s words of wisdom on 3 kids. Laura Garwood Meehan wrote an outstanding piece, real life and as true as I imagine it to be.   As we have only two, and are constantly on the debate if we want more or not (The Rancher says he would like 4-5….I think he is crazy!).  So it begs the question How Many Kids do you want?


Maybe 2 is enough…maybe not?

How does a family make that decision, and I say family, because we always ask the kids about it, now most think well you have a 2.5 year old and a 1 year old, how can they honestly answer.  Good question,  The Wildman is too young to really understand, but he does love babies.


Princess disliked that Wildman had to be in the picture with his cousins!

The Princess, she gets it, after being with her little cousins (3 new babies), she asked me “Mom, When can we have another baby?”….Yes, she said ANOTHER.  I was impressed alone by her understanding of the word and its use!  My reply, “Maybe, Someday!”


Ah Now that’s better, just Mom, Princess, and Cousin Sophia…no Wildman

After asking all of these questions, reading this great piece, I came across a blog titled, “I would be Frail” that re-enforces the struggles and greatness of three children (even all close in age).  Some think we are crazy to have had our first two so close but I have faith that they will grow up to be the best of friends (after the hatred of sharing goes away….if ever!).   How many kids?  So much to think about….ah but for another day.  For right now we are enjoying (and struggling) each and every day with our two little people (as they seem so much more than just toddlers to us).

Share your ups and downs and funny stories!  I would love to hear them!