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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Not everyone is so special to spend the holidays gathering a Christmas Tree on their own land less than 1 mile from their home!

IMG_4631   IMG_4632

(The Tree Picking Team)


(Found THE ONE!)

We were so excited to get the tree up and decorated.  This year has been a very special year in many many ways, there will be lots of memories after living in the bunkhouse, Christmas is no exception!  Since space is so limited in the house we made the decision to set up the our Tree outside on the deck.  So after putting the lights, garland and beads on we thought we were finished.  However, in about two hours the this is how we found the tree!


So we made the best of the situation and used that chair as a great picture area!


angry face Santa Pic

cody  norakids

Tell us a fun Christmas Mishap from your memory bank!!!

Visitors Galore

We have been so blessed with great company and friends over the past few weeks! Over 25 people (children included) have graced us with their presence to enjoy the Mountain life.  Remember, if you come during construction season (such as when we are rebuilding after a fire), you may get put to work but there is always fun to be had fishing, exploring, riding horse and 4-wheelers and of course enjoying the evening with a campfire!

DSC08605 DSC08602 DSC08601 DSC08598

Some of our guests choose to hang out and go fishing and wildflower picking as well as horseback riding, and oh, did I mention help with putting the floor joists together!


DSC08574 DSC08559 DSC08526 DSC08488

Some enjoyed 4-wheeling and exploring the country, campfires, and yes, helping us use the new boat to clear out some garbage out of the dam.

DSC08447 DSC08493 DSC08437 DSC08432

This set had smore’s, lots of touring including the Battle of the Little Big Horn, as well as helping with a fence and garden!

Thank goodness everyone is up for fun and work this summer!  It has been crazy busy so far!

How has your summer been going?!