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New York to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages


Photo courtesy of http://powertripberkeley.com/

New York Mayor is ready to ban Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides as he believes this is a form of animal cruelty.  He wants the horses “put out to pasture.”  However, putting a working horse out to pasture may not be the right answer either.  These horses have been doing this work for years.  As one of the carriage drivers states,”(the horses), they don’t do this (work), they get depressed.”  It takes away their meaning for life.  I truly believe that people who do not have experience with livestock and agriculture, whether it is cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, chickens or anything else, should not get to be the final decision makers for the livestock industries.

 The plan is for the horses to be replaced by electric vintage cars, in order to keep the horse-drawn carriage drivers employed.  There are pros and cons to both sides on this argument.  Where do you stand?  Have you been on a carriage ride? Would you pay to ride in an electric car in New York?