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A Dog Day

Well, its a dog day here on the Ranch!   Grandma brought up this cute pup from SD.  He is going to be huge!  An Akbash/Pyrenees crossed with a Border Collie/Blue Heeler (soooo some may say a mutt, but he is exactly what we were looking for), take a look at him.   His name is Turbo (we got him from Sydney Turbiville’s Ranch in Buffalo, SD).



Grandpa brought up Grace who is our short legged dog, I’m thinking that Turbo will have her outgrown in the next month!


And of course our best dog and friend, Holly.


She is recovering well from the amputation and we are having to continue to keep her in the house for parts of the day so she takes it easy.  Otherwise she is trying to chase deer,  birds and the other dogs!   Holly seems pretty excited to have her friends home with her!



Not to mention, how excited both the kids are with all of our pups!