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To Town!

And its off To Town I go!  BY MYSELF!  Oh yes, dare I say it, I went into Sheridan, Wy ALL BY MYSELF!  Now rewind 3 months ago and I would never have said this was a big deal.  I was to town everyday, had 5 miles of straight roads, took the kids to daycare by 6:50 am, 7:00 at work (on most days!), and I could run errands, go for a leisurely walk by myself over lunch, and enjoy.  Fast forward to today,  9 miles of dirt (not gravel….dirt) roads – which currently are covered in a severe sheet of ice with a layer of snow – not to mention these are MOUNTAIN roads – curvy, up and down, feel like you are falling off the side – type roads.  OK, So maybe a little melodramatic but this was my first time driving out by myself since we moved, that is around 60 days of no trips to anywhere by myself.  This is my sanity time for me —the mom!

So here we go, I only have a few quick pictures.


One of my first selfies and I’m actually with makeup and hair done!

IMG_20140120_133248   IMG_20140120_133337

Once I stopped, so did they, when I started driving again they were back to running with me.  Awesome!

Not everyone gets to travel with a herd of running horses on their way to the highway, We do!  Nearly every time.


King’s Saddlery, is a must see for anyone in the Sheridan area.  There is so much more to this business than the tack, there is a museum, an art gallery, a home stuff side.  Awesome.



Picture Courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/killerfemme/

Not to mention Riddles in Downtown Sheridan.  Great help, even though they told me my ring was incredibly dirty!  That is what happens on the Ranch!  So I’m tempted to buy a single silver band for everyday wear around here.  I just feel lost without my ring, don’t you? – for those that are married :D.


Here is a picture from the Sheridan Chamber of Commerce (they have an awesome website as well).  If I would have been thinking more about telling you about my trip, I would have taken my own pictures of some of these things, however, when a mama gets out, she is out and free from all.  I stopped at many different shops along the way.


These two love to go with The Rancher feeding the critters!

I enjoyed my day out and it looks like the kids enjoyed their day away from me too but it is always nice to be home!  Here was my view as I drove back into the ranch that afternoon.  What an awesome day it was.

IMG_20140117_073230 (2)

 If you ever get to Sheridan check out Downtown.  It truly is awesome.  What is your favorite city’s downtown area like?

And off we go….The ranch family hits the City!

Ok, well not the “whole” family, but The Rancher and I got a weekend off the new place.  First day/time/dining out/trip without the kids since the move.  For many people this is totally normal, traveling with their kids everywhere.  However, we were spoiled and we will fully admit it.  With myself transitioning from always working outside the home, to having a job where I work from home, being with my children and husband all day, every day has been quite the adjustment.  Not to mention moving away from both of our extended families who were always there to lend a hand if we had a big trip, or an awesome Menards/Lowes/Home Depot trip (after remodeling our first home, then building a home 2 years ago on the South Dakota ranch – those places knew us by name!).

Needless to say….I was looking forward to this time to explore Montana and Washington where there were no diapers, sippy cups, yelling for “NEMO” or fighting!  So hi-ho hi-ho it’s off to Spokane we go, 9.5 hours on the road!  William’s younger sister Jewel moved out there about two months ago and hasn’t seen any family since, so she was also excited to take us around.  Here is a visual tour of our road trip!

DSC07602 DSC07606

These pictures were taken along the I-90 corridor through Montana, Idaho and Washington

 DSC07604 DSC07600

This is the Clark Fork River that you cross approximately 12 times on this trip  DSC07594 DSC07579

Absolutely Stunning.  However, not one place along this 640 mile trip had the amounts of snow that we do here at the ranch!

DSC07585 DSC07582

Jewel (The City Girl!), The Rancher, and I had a blast! We ate great food (even though William wasn’t so sure on ordering at a few places because it wasn’t a steak house!), had delicious wine from Cougar Crest Winery and Patit Creek Winery’s as well as visited some local breweries!  If you ever get the chance to try Ice Wine, do it!

What are your vacation plans for the upcoming year?!