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GO BRONCOS!  I had a big idea of posting today about our interesting lunch yesterday (we will leave that fun for another day) but SUPERBOWL has taken over my house! Cooking, snacking, and getting dressed up in our BRONCO’s Gear is the name of the game today. Enjoy my little Bronco’s! Kisses for Peyton Manning! I’m the Next Demaryius Thomas! Best… (more…)

Montana…The Family Way!

Sorry for being off-line for the last few days!  The Montana Ranch Adventure hosted its first large group this past weekend – The Family Way!!  Nearly all of William’s immediate family was in attendance!  6 kids, 7 adults and a whole lot of food.  I like the motto Live, Love, Laugh….However, I think Eat, Live, Love, Laugh might be more… (more…)