Giving Back: The Pioneer Women

I couldn’t believe it, about 6 months ago Ree Drumond, The Pioneer Women contacted us through Facebook after learning of our house fire!

Feb 12, 2014 - Night of the Fire 
Dishwasher – after the fire
Feb 12, 2014 – Night of the Fire

I was shocked and still am.  She sent her condolences as well as asked for our address.  Little did I know that a few weeks later I would receive a beautiful package in the mail with 3 signed cookbooks to help replenish my kitchen recipe supply!


AND THEN – – Soon after that, I received a personal email from Ree giving us a gift certificate for to help give us a hand up in stocking the kitchen with supplies as well!

How amazing is this!


I still have a hard time believe the outpouring of support over the past year, and to have someone in Ree’s position send out recipe books and a gift certificate was such a neat thing that we will cherish forever!

Thank You so much to Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Women and her entire crew!  We wish you the best year in all of your different business endeavors!


4 thoughts on “Giving Back: The Pioneer Women”

  1. Wow that is cool. I love her, I record all of her shows and have made some pretty great food that my family enjoys. And now they are family traditions. I hope that you are able to make many new traditions with your new home. Can\’t wait to see it. Maybe this summer.

  2. We too lost our home in a fire. Devastating! We had our fire on September 3, 2012. A day we will never forget.
    Life does get better and you do move forward.

    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry, It is so hard but you are right, life does get better and you just have to keep your chin up and plug through those next months! I hope you guys are doing great now! I will check out your blog 😀

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