Foto Friday

Ok So I’m a bit late for the Wordless Wednesday Post so Foto Friday (I thought I would improvise, plus I love captions)!  Here is yesterday in Pictures!  So awesome to watch the kids with their Aunt Jewel!  Its been nearly 3 months since they saw her, quite a change from nearly everyday when we all lived in Timber Lake!  Life sure takes us different directions.

DSC07675 DSC07676

The Wildman and Princess playing with Aunt Jewel after we picked her up at the airport

DSC07677   DSC07690

Jewel Checking out the Mountains

DSC07689  DSC07682

Our beautiful creek right next to the house – yes still running in the dead of winter

DSC07680 DSC07678

Aunt Jewel is not afraid to play in the snow – snow pants or no snow pants!


She wore the Wildman and Holly Dog out!


Jewel’s first sunset on the mountain!  Good Night All!  – Or Good Morning today!

Until tomorrow’s Adventure!  Live it up today!

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