Where did Fall Go??

Who thinks it is time for an update?! For Pete’s sake, I am so ashamed that I have let everyone go this long. We made it through our first full year here. No major issues right, just a few minor setbacks. The cattle were shipped out October thru November and everything went pretty well! We had a few naughty critters that just made their way back home this week, always has to be a few in the bunch! Over the year I managed to gather up about 18 head of horses, which The Rancher told me was WAY too many. My response, “says who?” But I did find a good family to send 3 of the ones who just were not quite mountain material.

I’ll leave you with some photos from the shipping days!

Thompson Collage


Shipping Day 101




IMG_20140923_110247 IMG_20140923_110303

Nothing better than help from the Kiddo’s!


It’s not gathering time in Montana until you get to gathering in the beautiful snow!!


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