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Meet & Greet – R-Crest Holsteins/Reutter Dairy


Today we are welcoming Jodi McDonnell and R-Crest Holsteins/Reutter Dairy Farm to our blog! The operation calls Big Prairie, Ohio home and is operated by her husband, Tom, Jodi, and her parents. This operation is working on raising it’s 4th generation of farmers with Tom and Jodi’s kids working alongside their parents to help with milking and chores on a daily basis.

Jodi McDonnell 1

The Dairy operates on 400 acres of land that is used to grow crops for feed, and is home to 120 Holstein cows. This operation is Jodi’s family’s place where she was raised milking cows and doing chores at an early age, just as they are raising their kids a generation later.   Jodi was involved in FFA and 4-H growing up and it was at the farm and in these organizations that her love for agriculture continued to grow. She attended college at Ohio State’s Agricultural Technical Institute and then headed back to the farm to help! Jodi maintains a majority of the computer records for the herd including herd health and calf growth records as well as keeping the breeding program update, not to mention the entire family assists in milking the herd. In their spare time (wink), this family enjoys showing some of their registered cows at different shows around the area.

Jodi McDonnell

When asked the question of Why Blogging? Jodi answered, “I have always enjoyed interacting with the public and started my blog this spring in hopes to reach more people while serving as an outlet for creative writing.” It is important for agricultural producers “to be more available to consumers so they ask us, the producers, questions instead of relying on social media for their information. I think this is why it’s important to have producers who are advocates so we are more visible. “

I want to know your dirty little secret…..ok you don’t have to give that up, but tell me something unique about you, your operation, your family, anything goes!

“I have always thought it would be neat to process our own milk and sell our own ice cream. I don’t know how feasible this would be, but I’ve always thought it sounded like a fun adventure!.”  Who doesn’t love Ice Cream?!

I want to add in a little something that Jodi would not mention if I didn’t.  This family has been through so much in the past few months with 2 of the children becoming extremely ill and hospitalize as well as Jodi’s Father.  There has been a website set up to help defray the medical costs, if you can please help to support this great family through donations and especially prayers.

Thank you so much Jodi and R-Crest Holsteins/Reutter Dairy for being a part of “The Women that Get Things Done in Ag” Feature! Your blog is a great way to AGvocate for our industry!  You can follow them on Facebook or on Jodi’s website here!

Meet & Greet: Messing Dairy


Here is Ashley Kennedy and Messing Dairy of Bad Axe, Michigan.

Ashley Messing

Ashley and her husband work together managing a large dairy farm that is home to 250 cows and 4 Lely A4 milking robots.  They are a birth to finish steer operation and raise most of their own feed and cash crop dry beans, corn and wheat!  Talk about staying busy!  Not to mention they are in the middle of a 100 year old farmhouse remodel (To see  pictures click here!)

Currently their family operation is working on transitions generations as many other operations in the agriculture industry.  Ashley says, “my parents have worked hard for many years and deserve a break.”  It is their goal to take over the daily operations on the family dairy farm and give her parents the chance to “retire” from that portion of the farm.

When asked the question of Why Ag? And Why Blogging? Ashley answered, “I did several internships and two jobs before I came home to the farm. I learned a lot and I enjoyed working for those companies, but I never felt truly fulfilled. I always felt like something was missing and the farm has filled in that hole.  I would like to work hard to bring more young people back to the farm! We have a lot of people to feed in the world and farms raise some of the best kids around.”  We couldn’t agree more with this!

I want to know your dirty little secret…..ok you don’t have to give that up, but tell me something unique about you, your operation, your family, anything goes! 

“Hm, my dirty little secret?! I read constantly on my phone. If I could only pick one app to keep on my phone for the rest of my life it would easily be my Kindle app.” What a great secret and a great way to keep up to date with all of the happenings in the Ag world!

Thank you so much Ashley and Messing Dairy for being a part of “The Women Who Get Things Done in Ag” Feature!  Keep on educating the world on the Agricultural industry and our daily lives!  We look forward to seeing more of you on your Website and Facebook Page!

Ashley Messing1