Building Blocks

So we are beginning our building blocks!  And No!  This isn’t about the cute kids ones!  I’ll try and do a lot of this through pictures if I can!

Plotting the house, this took about 3 days because someone is pretty particular (and it wasn’t anyone in this picture or over the age of 3) :P.  I hate to out myself like that!



Let the digging commence!


We are ordering 9 ft of Log sidewalls from Wyoming Log Homes, Bob and Marc have been great to work with so far!






So a funny story:  Today we are at the Log Home place and they said well lets go see the logs.  So the kids and The Rancher went to check them out.  I was going potty and taking my sweet time snapping some pics of the kids looking at these big logs.  Turns out, those logs are ours!  They are already beginning the cutting process and starting to get things prepped for us to take them and turn them into a home!




Its a good thing I had my handy inspectors with us to check things out!

I will try and figure out a way to post our floor plans in the upcoming days!  Ah, out of every nasty situation comes something good, sometimes it just takes a lot of time and patience to get to it.  I never thought that we would face losing everything but each other, and now that we have, I know we can get through anything.  Sending lots of love to those that lost their loved ones in the plane crash last Monday.  We are still devastated.    Always look for the positive and if you can’t find it, look harder and make it positive.   Ok, there are my words of wisdom!  I better get to bed as everyone in the room is sleeping, even the dogs!

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