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Merry Christmas From the Adventure to You! Our Christmas Through Pictures!  Enjoy!

Hayang DSC07469

Good Morning Mountain, Merry Christmas!


Getting Scotch Caps from Santa!


Poor Holly Dog!



Facetime with Family – Thank gosh for technology


Who doesn’t need a tractor!

DSC07511  DSC07509

Oh boy….Doc McStuffins is in the house!


First full holiday meal I prepared by myself!

Two tired Kiddos

DSC07519  DSC07518

An afternoon of winter fun!

DSC07547 DSC07553 DSC07545 DSC07543 DSC07542 DSC07538 DSC07527 DSC07522 DSC07520


From our family to yours!

DSC07568  DSC07558

Merry Christmas to All….And to all a Good Night!

Christmas Cooking in a Flash!

Today I had big plans to tell you all about the past 3 weeks, the moving experience, a 2 day remodel of the house we moved into, and all that came with that part of this adventure!  However, that will have to wait for another day!  Today – We Shop – We Cook – We Meet Santa!

The Kougl family is getting used to doing everything as one unit.  We used to be a part of a village – AKA our extended family and close friends  – who were always there to watch one of the kids or both if we needed to do a large day of shopping in another town.  However, here this is not the case, its US, and only US!  So off to Sheridan we go for a little Walmart, Home Depot, pit stop at the Big Horn Pediatric Dentist (Of course that is where Santa is :P), and touring a little bit of the main street.  The kids were great, maybe because the threat of not seeing Santa was looming overhead.


Our View heading to Sheridan today….WOW!  Loving all these beautiful mountains!

Fast Forward to after lunch and heading to see Santa.  Skeeter Bug was pumped, she had her list “Sparkly Nail Polish, New doll, tractor for Cody and more.”  She was practiced up.   We get there, no line, we are ready!  And all of a sudden….Santa is Scary!  Well needless to say we were prepared for the worst, the kids scrambled back to us so heck, who doesn’t want a picture with Santa at any age!  I would love to show you the picture but the Dentist office will be mailing an “real” picture to us, so everyone including us has to wait!!  No worries about having to get it printed though! 


Meeting Santa and Shopping all day is exhausting.  Aren’t they nice when they sleep?

Dum-da-da-dum….Cooking Time!  I’m not sure about you, but I love simple tasty recipes that don’t take a lot of time.  So here is my cooking list.  The recipes are under the recipe tab!

  • Chex Mix – Parmesan/ranch
  • Spicy Pretzels
  • Rocky Road Cake (we make a cake every year to celebrate Jesus’ Birthday!)
  • Monster Cookies
  • Peanut Butter Balls (Need to make these yet!)

I will leave you with these fun pictures.  Do not mind the sweet wall paper in the background.  That was not part of our 2 day remodel but still needs a little attention!  Like I said, one of these days I will begin tales from the beginning, it sure is an interesting story.

IMG_20131223_173713   IMG_20131223_194511

Before  Monster Cookie Mix          –               After!  Cookies!

  IMG_20131223_192223       IMG_20131223_195149

Nora was my main assistant for the Rocky Road “Cake” –  Notice the abundance of Sprinkles….That is because the sprinkle bottle was an open bottle…not a shaker, not cool sprinkle bottle maker!! 

IMG_20131223_173345     IMG_20131223_194157

Most of the supplies…and my naked WildMan.   He is a helper in the Kitchen but always leaves with a cookie or two! 


Now – I expect you all to leave me a message with your favorite (EASY) Christmas cooking recipe/ideas!