The Aftermath


This is the aftermath.  We are still alive, and that is the good thing, the bad thing is that the four of us are living in a one room bunkhouse trying to not step over each other.   The insurance has been great to work with so far, we are waiting on paperwork still.  The insurance check will only be about 1/2 of what we will need to replace the house because of the age of the house.  So currently we are trying to create some more living space by making the garage into a living area as inexpensively as possible.  We are a wreck right now but we will make it through this.




Nora helping with the construction of the garage/living area space


Burnt woodstove…nope this wasn’t what caused the fire…it was electrical


Cody in his “old room”…sad…



Holly is safe and sound too!

IMG_20140220_145721 IMG_20140220_145659

Kids helping with the project to have a little more space until we can figure out a house in the summer.


Thank you to all who have supported us through this mess we are in.  There are still funds set up at Western Dakota Bank in Timber Lake, SD and at the Go Fund Me Site that was set up by Lacey Cooper for us.


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