What Don’t They Say??

buy clomid post cycle Here it is…I always wanted to record the things that my kids say while they were young.  Right now I have an almost 6 year old little girl who really thinks she owns the world!  What Don’t they Say??

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Princess with “Her Cousin, and her Friend, baby Calissa”

Leave your Kid’s “Comments” in my comment section!  Kids really do say the funniest things.

  • Seeing an airplane in the sky, “Mom, its so high, I can’t even touch it!”
  • “Mom, You heart my feelings, right here (pointing to her heart)” – OUCH for Mom!  Of course Dad never hurts her feelings.
  • “Damnit” – when her coloring page didn’t pull out of the book right.  The Rancher better start watching his language!
  • “Dad, Cody’s Naked!” – after Princess took his diaper off of him and he peed all over the floor.
  • After The Rancher shows her a cut on his finger, “Did Mom Bite You?”
  • Playing with Cody on the Ride on Train (in the house toy) – “Son-of-a-gone! There’s a rut” “Da**it Cody, We are stuck…stuck in this rut”.   The rut she is talking about is between the carpet and linoleum. Mind you this is after the huge rut we got stuck in a few weeks ago.
  • “Mom, my fanny is little, Yours is big.”  Well at least she understands the concept of big and little! haha!
  • “Nora, ask your Dad,” “Mom, I know you can do this.” – yes she is two…….YIKES!
  • “Mom, I cannot hear you, Talk Louder!”
  • “You are my best friend, and I am Daddy’s Little Buddy”
  • “Mom, You are the Boss, and Dad is the BEST” – Wildman
  • “Dad, it is not a damn Crayon, it is a MARKER”


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  1. LOL Some of those quotes from the Princess sound like Grandpa too.. 🙂 Hope you had a good Christmas! Thanks for the pics;

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