What Don’t They Say??

Here it is…I always wanted to record the things that my kids say while they were young.  Right now I have an almost 6 year old little girl who really thinks she owns the world!  What Don’t they Say??


Princess with “Her Cousin, and her Friend, baby Calissa”

Leave your Kid’s “Comments” in my comment section!  Kids really do say the funniest things.

  • Seeing an airplane in the sky, “Mom, its so high, I can’t even touch it!”
  • “Mom, You heart my feelings, right here (pointing to her heart)” – OUCH for Mom!  Of course Dad never hurts her feelings.
  • “Damnit” – when her coloring page didn’t pull out of the book right.  The Rancher better start watching his language!
  • “Dad, Cody’s Naked!” – after Princess took his diaper off of him and he peed all over the floor.
  • After The Rancher shows her a cut on his finger, “Did Mom Bite You?”
  • Playing with Cody on the Ride on Train (in the house toy) – “Son-of-a-gone! There’s a rut” “Da**it Cody, We are stuck…stuck in this rut”.   The rut she is talking about is between the carpet and linoleum. Mind you this is after the huge rut we got stuck in a few weeks ago.
  • “Mom, my fanny is little, Yours is big.”  Well at least she understands the concept of big and little! haha!
  • “Nora, ask your Dad,” “Mom, I know you can do this.” – yes she is two…….YIKES!
  • “Mom, I cannot hear you, Talk Louder!”
  • “You are my best friend, and I am Daddy’s Little Buddy”
  • “Mom, You are the Boss, and Dad is the BEST” – Wildman
  • “Dad, it is not a damn Crayon, it is a MARKER”


2 thoughts on “What Don’t They Say??”

  1. LOL Some of those quotes from the Princess sound like Grandpa too.. 🙂 Hope you had a good Christmas! Thanks for the pics;

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