Riding with Feel Project

I want to share this great project that a new friend of mine is working on.  Jo Belasco is a renowned horsewomen who works with many different areas of horsemanship and healing.  Her main clients are located in the Midwest which is how I got to know Jo.  We are hoping to host a clinic next year here at the ranch (it was scheduled for this summer, but with the fire and rebuild we had to postpone).    Dawn Adams, Ph.D. is known for her expertise in animal biomechanics, she has a passion for horses and combined is a great teacher presenting workshops and seminars for the public.

Here is the Intro for the Project they are working so hard on!

Dawn Hill Adams, Ph.D. and Jo Belasco, Esq. of Understanding the Horse, LLC just launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign to support the publication of their book “The Science of Riding with Feel: Horse Biomechanics and You.” Within just a few hours, this project became a Kickstarter Staff Pick. They have wonderful supporter gifts at many levels, starting at $1! The higher level gifts include a private biomechanics session, including the opportunity to be photographed riding your horse for inclusion in the book and companion workbook. Please help them reach their goal of $1700 so they can bring this book to the entire horse community! Visit their Kickstarter page  to show your support and share this status with everyone you know! You can learn more about the book here .   Thanks for your support!

These ladies are nearly to their goal to help get this awesome piece of literature into the hands of others!  Send them some encouraging words!

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