Storm Atlas Application Deadline!

The Storm Atlas that hit SD, WY, and MT was near and dear to our hearts.   Our South Dakota ranch is in the North Central area and we ended up receiving 5-6 inches of rain/freezing rain but no snow thank gosh.

For those that were farther West of us and were dramatically affected please take a look at the Ranchers Relief Fund and apply for assistance.  They have over $2 million that has been donated through many organizations, businesses, ranchers/farmers, individuals and roll over auctions.   There will hopefully be assistance through the Farm Service Agency once the Farm Bill gets straightened out but that might be a year or more from now.  We know that the Ranchers affected by this need the assistance as soon as possible.

Here is a link to the application and also a news article on Agweek by the SDSU Extension Service.


Please spread the word about this, if someone does not have the internet they can call 877-708-4357.

Have a beautiful day!

Merry Christmas From the Adventure to You!

Our Christmas Through Pictures!  Enjoy!


Good Morning Mountain, Merry Christmas!


Getting Scotch Caps from Santa!


Poor Holly Dog!



Facetime with Family – Thank gosh for technology


Who doesn’t need a tractor!

DSC07511  DSC07509

Oh boy….Doc McStuffins is in the house!


First full holiday meal I prepared by myself!

Two tired Kiddos

DSC07519  DSC07518

An afternoon of winter fun!

DSC07547 DSC07553 DSC07545 DSC07543 DSC07542 DSC07538 DSC07527 DSC07522 DSC07520


From our family to yours!

DSC07568  DSC07558

Merry Christmas to All….And to all a Good Night!