Resolutions…Make them, Break them, Hate them!?!

Bad Wildungen We all make them, we all break them, and it’s a bad circle that we get into.  Most often I think the issue is we set ourselves up for failure.  Now, if I made the resolution to try a new bottle of wine every week for 2014 that is something I could stick to I’m betting!  Does it make me “healthier,” “a better person,” “a better parent”??  Oh who knows, but it might just make me feel better!

Huixtla DSC07610

Wine…yes please?  Some of the bottles from our recent trip to Spokane!  Tell ya more later!

So now for real.  On the ranch here we have a few things that have to happen in 2014:  we need to get all the paperwork/legal side of things done in order to properly run two ranches; We need to ensure we have the best care, best feed, best everything for the cattle we care for; We need to begin marketing the other aspects of the ranch.   But is that a resolution?  Not exactly.  A resolution – by definition – “a firm decision to do or not to do something.”

So here it is, men and women of the world.  My resolution.  I resolve to do a 30 day challenge in January.  Why only January?  Because I would hate to commit to doing something for 365 days if I cannot even do it for 30 days.  30 days is a much more reasonable idea.  So my sister-in-law Jewel (who moved clear over to Washington State a few months ago) came up with the below challenge for us, and we would love you to join us.  We will need a good group of people for motivation because Lord knows I’m terrible at trying to work out by myself!  This of course came together after a good visit with Jewel in Spokane and some much needed down time for William and I…and of course a few samples of wine!  I will tell you all about that trip and places you must go in Spokane tomorrow!

January Challenge

You will probably have to click on the image to check it out, or leave a comment with your email and I will send you a good copy!  Compiled from  Visit her website for more great workout tips!

But for now – I will challenge each and every one to do the above January Challenge in some way shape or form.  Also check out the 52 week savings challenge. Decide first on what you will do with the money you save!  It is just that, for 52 weeks, save the amount of money for each week you are on.  Week 1 – save $1 (put it in a jar).  Week 2 – save $2….Week $10 – save $10….and on and on till week 52.  You will have just about $1400 at the end of the year!  What will you do with that?!

Share with us your resolution if you have one or borrow one of mine!

Storm Atlas Application Deadline!

The Storm Atlas that hit SD, WY, and MT was near and dear to our hearts.   Our South Dakota ranch is in the North Central area and we ended up receiving 5-6 inches of rain/freezing rain but no snow thank gosh.

For those that were farther West of us and were dramatically affected please take a look at the Ranchers Relief Fund and apply for assistance.  They have over $2 million that has been donated through many organizations, businesses, ranchers/farmers, individuals and roll over auctions.   There will hopefully be assistance through the Farm Service Agency once the Farm Bill gets straightened out but that might be a year or more from now.  We know that the Ranchers affected by this need the assistance as soon as possible.

Here is a link to the application and also a news article on Agweek by the SDSU Extension Service.


Please spread the word about this, if someone does not have the internet they can call 877-708-4357.

Have a beautiful day!