Questions Related To Lodging

What does the bunkhouse have: toilet, sink, shower, full kitchen? What do I need to bring: towel, washcloth, soap, sheets, blanket? Dishes and cutlery?

The Bunkhouse has a full kitchen and bathroom as well as a queen bed and a queen size pull out couch.  Towels, bedding, cookware are provided.


Is the bunkhouse single-sex or is it set up so couples can stay in it, with single individuals. (In other words, are there partitions or doors? Or is it a single open room?

The bunkhouse is one large room.  If a couple wants to rent it for themselves, they would be able to.


For camping in a tent, mentioned on the website:  Is this in a prepared campground with a tent pad and a cooking area set up? Or is it primitive camping where you just look for a place you want to pitch your tent? If the latter, are there any restrictions on where I can go? Can I go waaaay over there if I want?

Primitive. If you want to go clear over there, have at it, however we are asking that vehicles stay within reasonable distance of the home place so there is no issues getting lost or stuck with a vehicle.  As we are a working ranch first, we have be cognitive of our cattle and their well-being.  


Do I need a camp stove or do you allow wood fires?  If wood fires are ok, is fuel available for the gathering or should I bring wood and kindling with me? Or should I figure to not cook and eat only cold foods like sandwiches, jerky, and so on?

We do not have a “campground” area designated at this point.  The wood fires will be allowed as long as there is plentiful moisture, however at this time there are no rings or pits set up. You can bring your own wood or gather from nearby areas for wood fires.  Camp Stoves would be preferred. 


Do I need a bear-proof ice chest or is regular ok?

There are bears in the area, so that would be up to the person camping if they chose to camp quite far from the home place/corrals a bear-proof ice chest would probably be best. 


Is there a water source such as a pump at the camping area or do I need to have a big Igloo or something to fill up at the ranch house and then take to my tent site?

There are pumps right in the home place/corral area where you could fill containers for water.


Can I sleep in the back of my pickup or throw my sleeping bag on the ground? Do you have any problem with that? Are there rules about where I can park and/or throw my bag if I am allowed to do this?

No Problem with camping in the pickup or on the ground camping.  Vehicles will be asked to stay within reasonable distance of the home place so there is no issues getting lost or stuck with a vehicle.  As we are a working ranch first, we have be cognitive of our cattle and their well-being.  


What bathroom facility is available for the campsite? (outhouse, plumbing, in walking or driving distance, etc) If people are setting up tents as they please (primitive camping), what are the latrine rules?

The bathroom that is set up in the bunkhouse is what is available for bathroom facilities (this is why states “shared” on the website).  It is set up so the people renting the bunkhouse can close their door for privacy within the bunkhouse and other campers can still use the restroom facilities.  


For camper hook-up:

Is it electricity, water, sewage, and/or what type of hookup? Is there any restriction on the size of the unit? (e.g., do you have to drive across a load-limited wooden bridge to get there, or have to be able to turn around in a given radius?)

Electric, water, sewage – there are two of these hookups.  However, we can provide addition electric hookups for those inquiring about that.  No restriction of size of unit.


General Questions

How far is the ranch (building and facility area proper) from the highway (the Interstate and local road)?

The ranch is 9 miles East to Highway 314, and 15 miles West to Interstate 90, Either way takes about 20-25 minutes to drive as they are roads in the mountains. 


How far is the nearest place to get something I forgot to bring (a prescription, toilet paper, food, etc.)? How long does it take to actually get there? (1 hour drive, 2 hour drive?).

The nearest place is Hardin, MT or Sheridan, WY and both are an hour drive.   Lodge Grass has a smaller grocery store to get food and other necessities and it takes about 30 minutes. 


What is the average weather like during the time of year I will be there? Average high and low temperatures? Afternoon thundershowers or generally dry? Morning frost? High UV index requiring good sunscreen? Do I need insect repellant? Should it have DEET for ticks or deer flies, or are these not really in that area?

May to September is normally 65-85 degrees during the day, and cooler at night. There is always a chance of short rain showers on the ranch because of the mountainous climate we live in.  I would suggest to pack your slicker to be prepared.  Bring your sunscreen as well as your bug spray.


Can I bring my dog, young children, or others with me, if we stay in a tent or a camper? What are your rules on this? If my husband comes, can he have the run of the place while I am at the clinic? For instance, if he has paid to stay there but he is not doing the clinic, can he hike? Can he fish? Can he hunt? Can he bring and ride his dirt bike or ATV? What are your policies and rules?

No ATV’s or dirt bikes because we are a working cattle ranch and do not want the livestock disturbed.  Pedal biking, horseback riding, fishing, hiking, rock collecting, animal watching and most other outdoor activities are all permitted.  At this time we are not allowing hunting to take place on our ranch due to liability issues.


Are there rules about loud music or noise in the campground (tent or camper) at any time (day or night)? What are those?

There is not a designated campground, therefore this should not be an issue.


Can I get cell phone service at your ranch? If not, is there a phone number where my family can reach me if there is an emergency? Where is the nearest wi-fi signal if I want to use my computer?

Verizon phones will have coverage, if you are AT&T or Sprint or anything else, you will more than likely not have service.  There is a phone at our ranch house that could be used for emergencies, that number is 406-757-2596.  There is a Wi-Fi hotspot in the bunkhouse that can be used in the area of the homeplace/corrals.


Where is the nearest emergency room or clinic?

Crow Agency is an IHS hospital that is about a 30 minute drive, Sheridan and Hardin are both about an hour drive to the nearest non-IHS hospital.  

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